Surviving Child Abuse

TaiwoPhotoMy name is Lydia Ola Taiwo and I’m a published author and public speaker, campaigning globally for awareness about child abuse. As a child abuse survivor, I want to show people that despite the pain, the trauma, the injuries and the tears, there will always be a way out.
A Broken Childhood I: A True Story of AbuseA Broken Childhood II: Forgiveness

Melissa Levine,

“A Broken Childhood is a tale of bravery by a survivor of child abuse that will speak to victims, caregivers, and child advocates alike.” – Melissa Levine,

Shaun Pearce

“This book should be required reading for every social worker in the country.” – Shaun Pearce

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Speaking Up About Child Abuse

Children who suffer abuse often do so in silence. 

Many often don’t seek help because they are often reluctant to admit they have a problem. They are often overcome by feelings of shame and also fear that they won’t be believed or taken seriously. They may also believe that the consequences of asking for help may even make matters worse.

Being unable to tell someone that you are being (or have been) abused can take a heavy psychological toll both during childhood and in later years. And quite often, the pain and trauma doesn’t diminish with time.


Facing The Facts

1 in 5 children today have experienced some form of serious physical, sexual or emotional abuse (UK – NSPCC).

5 children die every day from abuse and every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made (USA –


My Story

Does anyone really know what lies behind the mind of an abused child?

It may be that it will never be known. An innocent child may have been murdered before their story is heard or the child may have decided to join a gang to try and get the ‘love’ their parents never gave them.

Many, if not counselled appropriately, will end up becoming more violent and may even go on to kill other innocent people. Every day, I thank God that I am alive to tell my story because I know there is someone out there who needs to hear it.